Disclaimer for Wooden Items

Wood, like materials, has inherent variations in color, texture, and grains. TREEN ENTERPRISES uses recycled wood and undergo a different process to produce assorted woodcraft items. The recycled wood Is sourced from different suppliers. TREEN ENTERPRISES ensure that the supply of wood, although recycled, is of high quality. Every care is taken to process and treat the wood to the best of the company’s abilities. Since the wood utilized is recycled, it may contain aged characteristics which include but are not limited to: color variation, small holes, scratches, marks, some discoloration, or wood stain and lines that are processed accordingly.

Appearances of recycled wood can also vary from board to board even when sourced at the same time and from the same venue and supplier. Consequently, TREEN ENTERPRISES cannot guarantee that all items will have the same shades. Furthermore, the company does not guarantee an exact match to the sample provided due to the natural variation of the wood. Furthermore, due to the natural variation in wood, each piece will react differently in how it accepts the finishing process. These are considered natural imperfections and therefore cannot be a cause for rejection. Moreover, wood has varying levels of hardness which may affect the engraving output. H such as Acacia and Mahogany are the preferred type of wood to engrave on although inconsistencies in the engraved output may still occur. For softer wood such as pine, irregularities, and inconsistencies in the color of engraved output are expected and even more evident. These are beyond the control of TREEN ENTERPRISES and cannot be a cause for rejection. In terms of logo printing (silkscreen), TREEN ENTERPRISES cannot guarantee that the exact same colors on the logo will be printed on the wood. Shades and colors may slightly vary as a result of the reaction of wood to ink or paint. The company and Its workers do not have full control of the color output. As such, this cannot be a cause for rejection. Items deemed rejected can only be replaced free of charge under the following conditions: incorrect size/measurement of item (as agreed upon in the quotation), an incorrect shade of painted finish, damaged item upon delivery (not due to shipment/delivery handling). 

**By placing an order, you have read and understood the disclaimer above and agreed to the terms of TREEN ENTERPRISES.