The Gift of Choice

The Gift of Choice
The past weeks had been difficult for everyone as all of a sudden everything "normal" for us changed. Our government implemented an Enhanced Community Quarantine that forced us all to stay at home, do online class or work , closed malls, non-essential businesses and even churches. All of a sudden the normal and best thing is to stay away from everyone outside our home, even from loved-ones and friends. 
The current COVID-19 crisis globally has major impact to all of us. One, a lot of social events like birthdays and weddings had to be moved or cancelled as we all do social distancing. Majority of our clients expressed sadness and worries as to how they can proceed. Some asked how can they still send special gifts without close interaction. Some would still want to continue by doing a virtual one. 
We at Treen Manila, started everything online. We didn't have a physical store then, just our website and social media accounts, but last year we were able to open a small office or showroom to welcome clients who want to see actual products and place their personalized orders. Most would pick up instead of having it delivered. Now, with our current "new normal", everything will have to go back online and we have to make it possible to still be able to give "You-nique" gifts to our clients' guests or sponsors without them worrying about their own exposure. 
With this goal in mind, we are now officially launching our GIFT CARDS. This is not only for retail clients who want to give a personalized gift to someone celebrating their birthday, or wedding etc. but also for our wedding/events or even corporate clients. You can now give THE GIFT of CHOICE. You can purchase gift cards and give it to your guest/sponsors etc and they can use it to get whatever item they really like and how they want it to look! Isn't that great? Not only will you let them be able to choose freely, you also don't have to worry about picking up your gifts, checking then giving it to them. Just send the gift cards to them, they choose what they like, we do the rest. 
A special bulk order discount will be given to those with events availing of the gift cards and for those retail orders placed between April 27-June 30 with a minimum amount of P2,000 will get 5% discount. Plus, a portion of all purchases we received starting today will be donated to HappYness Project. 
Give the gift choice. Different way, same heart and purpose. 
God Bless everyone! Stay healthy :) - TM Team
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